About Charanpal

Charanpal's roots in music began as a young girl, singing in musical theatre productions in Chicago, where she was born and raised.  As a teen, her mother bought her an acoustic guitar.  Inspired by authentic, folk music about social change, she began learning and writing songs.    

In her college years, Charanpal studied acting and dance at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.  She then moved to Los Angeles, and was featured in several major film and TV productions.  Despite the rare success with acting, she felt a stronger yearning to play music, and eventually left her career to focus on songwriting.  

Migrating north to Santa Cruz, she formed a band and began touring the country in a school bus.  Her band played an amalgam of soul and world music.  This experience brought her life-changing lessons on how to work as a team.  Charanpal and her band eventually played large festivals, and found themselves in the coveted opening band role for legends such as Taj Mahal, and Lee Scratch Perry. 

Upon settling back into her home life in Santa Cruz, she rekindled her love for yoga; in particular, Kundalini yoga.  The first class she ever took brought her to tears.  She had never known that singing was a part of yoga.  Something awakened in her, on many levels, and thus, her love for chanting mantra was born.

In 2013, she released her first mantra album, Simran Sadhana, with world-renowned cellist and producer, Hans Christian.   The chants on this album are what Yogi Bhajan taught as the most activating mantras to chant in the early morning hours.  The album also features Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes) on drums.

Her sophomore release, AEONS, was recorded with some of the same musicians from her original touring band.  The tight-knit sound that comes forth on this album is testament to the familiarity of years spent on the road together.  AEONS made it to #4 on the iTunes World Music charts within a few hours of release, and stayed in the top ten for several days straight; a rare accomplishment for a new artist on the New Age scene. 

Music is Charanpal's ultimate healing grace.  The journey into sacred chant music is just beginning for her, and she continues to welcome and explore the ways in which Spirit touches her soul through song.