Interested in a private session with me?

I received a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.  I offer intuitive counseling to help people get in touch with their inner power and come out from challenging life situations feeling better than ever.  

I'd love to set up a free 20-minute session.  

I offer sessions via Skype, telephone, or at my home studio in Santa Cruz, California.  

First, please visit my counseling website, The Oracle is You, to learn more about the specific kind of counseling that I offer.

Thank you! 

I started doing exercises Charanpal gave me, and met with her for life coaching sessions. She helped me make a plan, and gave me tools for manifestation and stress management. Working in small increments, doing the exercises, and checking in with Charanpal on a regular basis helped me through a very challenging transition. I recommend working with Charanpal if you are ready to make positive changes in your life but need guidance and support.
— Jami O.
Charanpal has an amazing ability to draw out the inner voice of wisdom within me and lead me to the deepest truth in my soul. My experiences with her have brought a voice to many aspects of myself and helped me learn the deeper lessons that pain and suffering have to teach us. She helped me reframe negative beliefs and patterns through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with messages of love towards myself. With her guidance I have gained a tremendous amount of love and gratitude through the most challenging experiences of my life.
— Rosalie
I first met Charanpal at a Kundalini yoga class. She is a spiritual, passionate, and compassionate teacher and I quickly fell in love with her class and her presence. I decided to receive a few one-on-one sessions with her. She has great intuition and asked questions that got right to the heart of my current challenges. We identified my current core issue, which is needing to cultivate self-love, and she suggested a 40-day sadhana (daily practice) that consisted of a meditation kriya. I’ve since practiced the kriya daily and have just completed my 40th day. I’ve experienced great results. I find that I am not as critical of myself or am more aware when I am, am more patient with myself and am able to acknowledge both my personal limits as well as my successes and achievements, and I’m more joyful. Who wouldn’t love that?! I would not hesitate to call on Charanpal again if I am in need of some guidance and support through life’s inevitable challenges. It seems to me she has heeded her life’s calling of empowering and uplifting souls.
— Denise