The aspects of this new moon are said to be unstable and unpredictable.  With the moon and sun both trining Neptune, we may feel the rough edges of the external world a bit harshly.  We may see people turn to their vices, let go of their personal boundaries, and allow deceptive tactics to run their behavior.  

What each and every one of us can do at this time to ascend the potential shadowy energies is harness the currents that are being transmitted and transmute them for the highest good.  Since Neptune is a dreamy, fantasy-driven planet, coupled with the energy of Scorpio's ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, this can be an INCREDIBLE time for your INNER ARTIST to burst open.  

Think new dreams.  Think new visuals.  Think new ideas and create new plans for yourself.  Think outside the box, and allow the driving energy of Mars, and the transformative energies of Pluto to give your creativity a boost like you've never seen before.  

I've developed an 11-day journey to harness the energies of this new moon, and I want you to join me for just $1 a day!!!!  

Starting October 30th, we will go live for eleven 30-minute classes featuring Kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations that are designed to spark some serious fire within your creative soul.  

Day ONE:  Preparation for Ascension

Day TWO:  Invoking the Waters

Day THREE:  Stoking the Fires 

DAY FOUR:  Melting the Heart

DAY FIVE:  Vibrate the Cosmos

DAY SIX:  Visions of Ecstasy 

DAY SEVEN:  Channeling Heaven

DAY EIGHT:  Legendary Grace

DAY NINE:  Mastering Mars

DAY TEN:  The Flames of Freedom

DAY ELEVEN:  Phoenix Ascension

Things to know... 

*  We will be streaming live via Zoom, so you will need to be able to download this application in order to view and stream the class.

*  There is also a phone-in option for audio-only.

*  We will be recording the classes, so if you cannot make the live class, you can have access to it later.  

*  We will not be warming up during the classes, so I encourage you to do some stretching in advance so you can safely experience the kriya and meditation.  

*  You will not be able to ask questions during the live class, but feel free to write me afterwards.  

*  You will be muted during the call, so if you have kids or family members in the background, they will go unheard.